The Four Virtues- Work

A Letter to Black Men and Their Labor

“What is the essence of work, but the relationship of a Black Man to his labor?”

~Vincella Myah Smith~

Dear Black Man,

One foot in front of the other; work, labor, purpose. Your stride impresses your values upon the world with each step. Measured in all things, your commitments are made manifest. It is in the expressways, byways, alleyways, and gangways in which your stride creates the viaducts for those who mirror your path. We see your stride and honor your rest as you gather strength to take the steps that brings you closer to your goal. Please, rest well. We care deeply about the condition in which you arrive. We care because we know that when you arrive your labor will build a better us.

Black Man, I don’t know to which job you are headed, but I can only imagine how you must prepare your thoughts for when you get there. You are not a busy man; you are a focused man. It is in this focus that the time on your watch is set. Limited time balanced by a patient love for the process. Your steps to work may falter, your strength in labor may strain, yet you will be sure-footed in achieving the purpose in which you were built. Know that the eyes of contempt can never look down on self-respect. Keep your eye on the prize, the expectations of your place in this world can never distract you from the heavenly places that God has aligned for your soul. Mind in hand… the labors of the world are in your grasp while your mind applies divine solutions to the task at hand. You are and will forever be an essential worker to us. We see you and we love you; know that you are enough.

Signed… a community that needs you.

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