Eli Williamson’s ‘Four Virtues’ exhibit highlights loving Black fathers

The Daily Northwestern

Jack Austin, Senior Staffer
February 9, 2023

Southside photographer Eli Williamson documents loving fathers with their children in everyday settings. Williamson said the mission of his exhibit is to highlight and change the “negative stereotypical perception of Black fathers.” 

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The First Virtue: Eli Williamson’s “The Four Virtues” at Evanston Art Center

New City Art

There is an urban myth that Black men make terrible fathers: absent, violent and a host of other extreme fictions. South Side photographer and activist Eli Williamson begs to differ. In this small but powerful exhibition, where each photograph is titled “FatherHood,” Williamson proves his point. He gives us, in these images, proof that it just isn’t so—that there are plenty of loving, nurturing, caring fathers in the Black community.

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