Dope Fathers I know

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer... Who has time to be close to people you can't stand?

I work hard to keep my friends close and my heroes closer.

We live in a strange society that worships the perceptions of people and calls them heroes. All of my heroes are flawed.

I have learned to appreciate and even admire the accomplishments of individuals that have achieved what we as a society has deemed success. But I do not know these individuals.

All of my heroes are flawed, and it is through the intimate knowledge of their flaws in which they have gained my respect.

For the men and fathers that I know; you have overcome so much. We have shared our flaws and internal struggles with each other. Your perseverance and tenacity to be your best has earned my love and respect... thank you for setting the pace in this journey of fatherhood. You are my heroes. 

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